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Blackjack minimum bet at Treasury Casino?

What's the minimum table one can find at Treasury Casino in Brisbane these days. It's currently $25 down the Gold Coast.
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What kind of drivel is this? I thought Philip Roth was supposed to be a """"""literery""""""(((writer)))?!

Call me Smitty. That's what everybody else called me--the ballplayers, the bankers, the bareback riders, the baritones, the bartenders, the bastards, the best-selling writers (excepting Hem, who dubbed me Frederico), the bicyclists, the big game hunters (Hem the exception again), the billiards champs, the bishops, the blacklisted (myself included), the black marketeers, the blonds, the bloodsuckers, the bluebloods, the bookies, the Bolsheviks (some of my best friends, Mr. Chairman--what of it!), the bombardiers, the bootblacks, the bootlicks, the bosses, the boxers, the Brahmins, the brass hats, the British (Sir Smitty as of '36), the broads, the broadcasters, the broncobusters, the brunettes, the black bucks down in Barbados (Meestah Smitty), the Buddhist monks in Burma, one Bulkington, the bullfighters, the bullthrowers, the burlesque comics and the burlesque stars, the bushmen, the bums, and the butlers. And that's only the letter B, fans, only one of the Big Twenty-Six!
Why, I could write a whole book just on the types beginning with X who have called out in anguish to yours truly--make it an encyclopedia, given that mob you come across in one lifetime who like to tell you they are quits with the past. Smitty, I've got to talk to somebody. Smitty, I've got a story for you. Smitty, there is something you ought to know. Smitty, you've got to come right over. Smitty, you won't believe it but. Smitty, you don't know me but. Smitty, I'm doing something I'm ashamed of. Smitty, I'm doing something I'm proud of. Smitty, I'm not doing anything--what should I do, Smit? In transcontinental buses, lowdown bars, high-class brothels (for a change of scenery, let's move on to C), in cabarets, cabanas, cabins, cabooses, cabbage patches, cable cars, cabriolets (you can look it up), Cadillacs, cafes, caissons, calashes (under the moon, a' course), in Calcutta, California, at Calgary, not to be confused with Calvary (where in '38 a voice called "Smitty!"--and Smitty, no fool, kneeled), in campaniles, around campfires, in the Canal Zone, in candlelight (see B for blonds and brunettes), in catacombs, rounding the Cape of Good Hope, in captivity, in caravans, at card games, on cargo ships, in the Caribbean, on carousels, in Casablanca (the place and the movie, wherein, to amuse Bogey, I played a walk-on role), in the Casbah, in casinos, castaway off coasts, in castles (some in air, some not), in Catalonia (with Orwell), Catania, catatonia, in catastrophes, in catboats, in cathedrals, in the Catskills (knaidlach and kreplach with Jenny G.--I taste them yet!), in the Caucasus (Comrade Smitty--and proud of it, Mr. Chairman!), in caves, in cellars, in Central America, in Chad, in a chaise longue (see under B burlesque stars), in chalets, in chambers, in chancery, in a charnel house (a disembodied voice again), in Chattanooga (on Johnny's very choo-choo), in checkrooms, in Cherokee country, in Chicago--look, let's call it quits at Christendom, let's say there, that's been Smitty's beat! Father confessor, marital adviser, confidant, straight man, Solomon, stooge, psychiatrist, sucker, sage, go-between, medicine man, whipping boy, sob sister, debunker, legal counselor, loan service, all-night eardrum, and sober friend--you name it, pick a guise, any guise, starting with each and every one of the Big Twenty-Six, and rest assured, Smitty's worn that hat on one or two thousand nights in his four score and seven on this billion-year-old planet in this trillion-year-old solar system in this zillion-year-old galaxy that we have the audacity to call "ours"!
O what a race we are, fans! What a radiant, raffish, raggedy, rakish, rambunctious, rampaging, ranting, rapacious, rare, rash, raucous, raunchy, ravaged, ravenous, realistic, reasonable, rebellious, receptive, reckless, redeemable, refined, reflective, refreshing, regal, regimented, regrettable, relentless, reliable, religious, remarkable, remiss, remorseful, repellent, repentant, repetitious (!!!!), reprehensible, repressed, reproductive, reptilian, repugnant, repulsive, reputable, resentful, reserved, resigned, resilient, resistant, resistible, resourceful, respectable, restless, resplendent, responsible, responsive, restrained, retarded, revengeful, reverential, revolting, rhapsodical, rhythmical, ribald, rickety, ridiculous, righteous, rigorous, riotous, risible, ritualistic, robustious (adj. Archaic or Humorous [pick 'em], meaning "rough, rude or boisterous," according to N.W.), roguish, rollicking, romantic, rompish, rotten, rough-and-ready, rough-and-tumble, rough-housing, rowdyish, rude, rueful, rugged, ruined, rummy (chiefly Brit, don'cha know. Slang odd; queer), rundown, runty, ruthless race! A' course that's just one man's opinion. Fella name a' Smith; first name a' Word.
And just who is Word Smith? Fair enough. Short-winded, short-tempered, short-sighted as he may be, stiff-jointed, soft-bellied, weak-bladdered, and so on down to his slippers, anemic, arthritic, diabetic, dyspeptic, sclerotic, in dire need of a laxative, as he will admit to the first doctor or nurse who passes his pillow, and in perpetual pain (that's the last you'll hear about that), he's not cracked quite yet: if his life depended on it, the man in the street could not name three presidents beginning with the letter J, or tell you whether the Pope before this one wore glasses or not, so surely he is not about to remember Word Smith, though it so happened old W.S. cracked a new pack of Bicycles with more than one Chief Exec, one night nearly brought down the republic by cleaning out the entire cabinet, so that at morn--pink peeking over the Potomac, you might say--the Secretary of the Treasury had to be restrained by the Secretary of the Interior from dipping his mitt in the national till to save his own shirt at stud, in a manner of speaking.
Then there are the Popes. Of course no poker, stud, straight, or draw, with Pontiffs, other than penny ante, but rest assured, Smitty here in his heyday, kneepans down on terra firma, has kissed his share of rings, and if no longer up to the kneeling-down, still has starch enough left in these half-palsied lips for tasting the papal seal and (if there should be any takers) touching somewhat tumescent flesh to the peachier parts of the softer sex, afore he climbs aboard that sleeper bound for Oblivion. Chucklin': "George, what time she due at Pearly Gates?" Shuf-flin': "Don' you worry none, Mistuh Smitty, I call ya' in time fo' you to shave up and eat a good heffy breakfass' fo' we gets dere." "If we gets there, George. Conductor says we may all be on a through train, from what he hears." "Tru'? To where, Mistuh Smitty? De end of de line?" (Chorus behind, ahummin' and astrummin', "Tru' train, tru' train, choo-choo on tru', I wanna choo-choo on home widout delay!") "Seems there isn't any 'end' to this line, George." Scratchin' his woolly head: "Well, suh, day don' say nuttin' 'bout dat in de schedule." "Sure they do, old George, down in the fine print there: 'Stops only to receive passengers.'" "Which tru' train dat, Mistuh Smitty?" "Through train bound for Oblivion, George." " 'Oblivion'? Dat don't sound lak no stop--dat de name of a little girl!" ("Tru' train, tru' train, lem-me choo-choo on home!")
Smitty! Prophet to porters, padre to pagans, peacemaker for polygamists, provider for panhandlers, probation officer to pickpockets, pappy to parricides, parent to prostitutes, "Pops" to pinups, Paul to pricks, plaintalker to pretenders, parson to Peeping Toms, protector to pansies, practical nurse to paranoids--pal, you might say, to pariahs and pests of every stripe, spot, stigma, and stain, or maybe just putty in the paws of personae non gratae, patsy in short to pythons. Not a bad title that, for Smitty's autobio.
Or how's about Poet to Presidents? For 'twasn't all billiards on the Biggest Boss's baize, sagas of sport and the rarest of rums, capped off with a capricious predawn plunge in the Prez's pool. Oh no. Contract bridge, cribbage, canasta, and casino crony, sure; blackjack bluffer and poker-table personality, a' course, a' course; practiced my pinochle, took 'em on, one and all, at twenty-one; suffered stonily (and snoozed secretly) through six-hour sieges of solitaire, rising to pun when they caught me napping, "Run out of patience, Mr. P.?"; listen, I played lotto on the White House lawn, cut a First Child for Old Maid in the Oval Office on the eve of national disaster...but that doesn't explain what I was there for. Guessed yet how I came to be the intimate of four American presidents? Figured me out? Respectful of their piteous portion of privacy, I call them henceforth ABC, DEF, GHI, and JKL, but as their words are public record, who in fact these four were the reader with a little history will quickly surmise. My capital concern? I polished their prose.
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A lil degen story

There was a post here today about a guy who won a 10k score in a poker tournament in ‘08 and proceeded to black out drunk and wake up without the money, only to receive a letter 10 years later about collecting 13k from a 10k treasury bond he had bought with the money. Thought it was a fun story and reminded me of one of my own degen stories so I figured I’d share. Not poker related and kinda a long read, but hopefully yall enjoy it:
Last Summer, I had a little bender where I would take Ambien, drink a few beers and play online blackjack on Bovada (not even the type with a live dealer, just straight up an online program... stupid I know).
For those who don’t know about Ambien, it is a sleeping pill (which I am legally prescribed) where, if you don’t go to sleep right away and stay up, you experience euphoria, lowered inhibitions and an insane amnestic effect where you don’t remember anything the next morning.
Anyways, I really enjoy the side effects of Ambien so I would pop them an hour or two before going to bed and just chill out. I decided I wanted to gamble so I deposited $500 on Bovada and started playing blackjack. When I woke up the next morning, I didn’t remember I had done this until I opened up my laptop and saw a perfect strategy chart open (basically a chart for blackjack that I refer to in spots I’m unsure of). Let me be clear, I had done this before (playing bovada blackjack on ambien), so when I saw the chart open, I was like “oh god, lets see how I did” and logged into Bovada.
I had to do a double-take when I saw my balance:
I thanked my lucky stars, sent snapchats bragging to all my friends and... popped some more ambien that night.
The next morning I didn’t remember playing, but obviously I knew to check my laptop. Surely I had pissed most of it away...
Balance: ~$8000
I couldn’t believe it. As a 23 year old at the time, I had a couple sick runs before but nothing like this. Seeing that $8000 in my account balance seemed surreal, it really didn’t register to me how much that was, despite me clearly knowing it was 8 thousand fucking dollars. I think part of it was because it wasn’t like a mind-blowing amount for me (like 20k or something) coming from a relatively privileged upbringing and having a decent job coming out of college, but it was definitely more than double my savings at the time, so it was significant. Knowing this, and knowing that all blackjack heaters must end and they usually end badly, I KNEW I should’ve withdrawn then and there... but alas, I ain’t no bitch so I said fuck it and kept it on.
Over the course of the next week, I managed to run it up to ~15k. Some nights I lost a couple thousand, and I had multiple 3-5k swings throughout my sessions, but I kept at it. When I awoke one day and saw ~15k in my account balance, I finally was able to slap some sense into myself and withdraw.
The reason I enjoyed playing this Bovada blackjack game was because it allowed you to play up to 3 hands at a time, and the program was instantaneous so you can see a lot of hands in a short span of time - basically a ton of action and swings. Bovada allows you to see all credits/debits to your account and see what time and amount wagered, so I was able to check how I did the night prior, every morning. I got some sort of sick, degenerate excitement from checking how I did each morning. It was funny to see how I would start each session wagering like $5-10 a hand and progressively start betting more as I got more inebriated/ambien kicked in. At my peak, I was wagering $200/hand, 3 hands at a time, banging out like 9 hands a minute. In hindsight, I can’t believe the amount of pure and blatant disrespect and disregard for money I had done. Like, even when I’ve played BJ at a casino, I am way more risk averse when I have physical chips I have to put in, but when it’s just a click of a button, the money just doesn’t seem as real. Even now, $200/hand seems so insane to me, considering how much thats worth at my given age and financial circumstance...
Anyways, so that’s how I turned $500 into $15k over the span of a week and I didn’t even remember doing it - a degen story with a happy ending! I hope yall enjoyed the story, as much as I enjoyed telling it! And remember: no gambol, no future.
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My Attempt At An Achievements Guide.

I've always enjoyed going for achievements and unlocks in a game and I know there have been a few people who want some help getting them in Simcity so I've created this guide. I know there's a lot of hate for this game so I'm hoping you'll save your downvotes and trolling for another, more appropriate, thread.
Some of the explanations I provide for the simple and moderate achievements are rather basic - because they don't require it. I spend more time on the difficult ones. As usual, ask if you have any questions. I'm currently only missing 11 of them total (7 broken + 3 time achievements).
EDIT: 5/13 "you mean business" no longer seems to be broken since the last update
Broken Achievements
Achievements I haven’t bothered to get
If you try to leave your city to run by itself, the server will kick you off. I just don't have that kind of time or patience.
Simple Achievements
Moderate Achievements
Difficult Achievements
I borrowed the list from the following website: Read more:
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Airman’s 6-year sentence for stealing $420,000 to cover gambling losses upheld

This is an automatic summary, original reduced by 55%.
FAIRFIELD - The six-year sentence given in the 2015 court-martial of Tefera Workneh, a former airman at Travis Air Force Base who stole $420,000 in government funds to cover his losses playing casino blackjack, has been upheld by the U.S. Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals.
Workneh, 32, went to a casino for the first time in 2012 and began to play blackjack, losing $60,000 of his family's money and $43,000 in credit card advances, the appeals court said in its March 24 ruling.
"Desperate to gain back his losses," Workneh began issuing U.S. Treasury checks at the Armed Forces Bank at Travis Air Force Base to get more money to gamble, according to the court.
The appeal the court ruled on last week included Workneh's assertion that the military judge abused his discretion when he accepted guilty pleas without asking whether Workneh's gambling addiction made him unable to appreciate the nature of his actions or their wrongfulness.
Workneh said of the bank fraud that, "I knew it was wrong each time, yet I returned for more money once I had lost it," the court noted.
The appeals court did direct that a date be included for Workneh to pay a $42,000 fine or face two additional years of confinement.
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Treasury Rip Cards

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